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Origami Pictures


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On the next 4 pages you can find a little "exhibition" of designs created and folded by me:

Spider Stag beetle
Spider (from 1 square)
Stag Beetle (from 1 square)

Bug Ant
Bug (from 1 square)
Ant (from 1 banknote rectangle)

Rosalia Alpina insect
Rosalia Alpina insect (from 1 square)
Sleeping Cat
Sleeping Cat (from 1 square)

Ostrich (from 1 square)
Hungarian Grey Cow
Hungarian Grey Cow (from 1 square)

Frog (from 1 square)
Rabbit (from 1 square)

Western Dragon Centaur
Western Dragon (from 1 square)
Centaur (from 1 square)

Chinese Dragon
Chinese Dragon (from 1 square)

Seahorse Angelfish
Seahorse (from 1 square)
Angelfish (from 1 square)

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Author: Peter Budai

Last updated: 20. January 2002.
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