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Origami Pictures


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Some more designs created and folded by me:

The Hungarian coat of arms
Hungarian coat of arms (2 squares)

Tiles (each from 1 square)
Rose-window patterned tile Knot patterned tile Square-pile patterned tile
Rose-window patterned
Knot patterned
Square-pile patterned

Combined tiles
Combined tiles (from a 4 by 5 translucent rectangle)

Coaster 1 Coaster 2
Geometric flower - front Geometric flower - back
Various geometric models (each from 1 square)

Infinite fold - Scaled squares Compound infinite fold - Scaled squares divergent
Infinite folds
(each from 1 square using the "Scaled squares" pattern)

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Author: Peter Budai

Last updated: 20. January 2002.
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