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Origami Links


Here are links a few more origami-sites:

Organisation's sites:

Hungarian Origami Homepage (in Hungarian)

British Origami Society (BOS) Homepage

Origami USA Homepage

Origami Tanteidan (JOAS) Homepage

Origami Sverige Homepage

Centro Diffusione Origami (CDO) Homepage

Origami Deutschland Homepage

Asociacion Espanola de Papiroflexia (AEP) Homepage

Origami Societeit Nederland (OSN) Homepage

Other folder's sites:

Joseph Wu's Origami Page (The center of the "Origami Web")

Robert Lang's Origami Page

Marc Kirschenbaum's Origami Page

Mette Pederson's Origami Page

Sebastian Kirsch's Origami Page

Hatori Koshiro's Origami Page

Eric Andersen's Origami Page

Paper from the Internet:

Origami Paper OPP AB

Author: Peter Budai

Last updated: 27. February 2006.
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