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Origami Pictures


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Here you can see examples of the big project I have been doing about 6 years ago. I was trying to fold already existing models on top of flat, shield-shaped, alternately coloured surface (using only one piece of square paper, of course). This experiment resulted various interesting models but only some of them got diagrammed. One of them (Shield with pine tree) can be found in the Diagrams section.

Shields with traditional models:

Shield with flapping bird (logo of British Origami Society) Shield with noshi (logo of Centro Diffusione Origami)
Shield with flapping bird (from 1 square)
Shield with noshi (from 1 square)

Shield with dove (logo of St. Petersburg Origami Centre) Shield with crane (logo of Nippon Origami Association)
Shield with dove (from 1 square)
Shield with crane (from 1 square)

Shield with pajarita (logo of Associacion Espanola de Papiroflexia) Shield with folded square (logo of Origami Deutschland)
Shield with pajarita (from 1 square)
Shield with folded square (from 1 square)

Shields with early models of mine:

Shield with scottish terrier Shield with cat
Shield with scottish terrier (from 1 square)
Shield with cat (from 1 square)

Shield with western dragon Shield with pine tree
Shield with western dragon (from 1 square)
Shield with pine tree (from 1 square)

Shield with Baryonix dinosaur Shield with Brontosaurus
Shield with Baryonix dinosaur (from 1 square)
Shield with Brontosaurus (from 1 square)

Shield with Dimetrodon dinosaur Shield with crocodile
Shield with Dimetrodon dinosaur (from 1 square)
Shield with crocodile (from 1 square)

Shield with parrot
Shield with parrot (from 1 square)

There have been more shields as well, for example with two parrots, deer trophy, moose trophy, sailboat (logo of OUSA) and a couple more but currently I do not have publishable models of those. Hopefully I will have some time to fold the missing ones in the future.

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Author: Peter Budai

Last updated: 20. January 2002.
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