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What's new...


  • After a long period the site site has been updated a little. No major changes, just a few functional fixes.
  • I have recently started a new gallery of models (created by other folders and me).

Book information

My two latest books are both A4 format, 120 pages paperback. Each one contains computer diagrams by the author (that is, me) for 28 models. Complexity ranges from simple to complex, subjects are of a wide spectrum as well: from insects to faces, from action models to geometric designs, hearts, vehicles, animals and mythical beings as well.

The table of contents can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking on the covers below. The dices in the contents indicate complexity, one dot meaning easy and 6 dots meaning the complex. In case you do not have it already, download Adobe Acrobat Reader. to be able to read PDF-files.

If you would like to get hold of the books, go to the publisher's website or e-mail the publisher.

Download table of contents Download table of contents
Contents_owb.pdf Contents_pwp.pdf

Author: Peter Budai

Last updated: 20. February 2006.
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